Saturday, November 03, 2007

Harder Better Faster Stronger Webmail and Documentation

We just installed a caching module that'll greatly speed up our webmail and documentation pages. In some cases, you'll notice a speedup of about 2-3x!

While you're giving our enhanced documentation a test drive, take a look at our recently updated web hosting documentation. We've added a bunch of information, updated a lot of the existing documentation, and tried to clarify any confusing information.

We're also building up a list of suggested web applications that have been reported to work with our web server, along with any special customizations that might help them run better on the OCF.

This documentation refresh is an ongoing process, so keep checking back!

Oh, last but not least, we've added an auto-save feature to our webmail. Now, whenever you're writing an email, our webmail interface will automatically save the message every few seconds. No longer will you lose an email to a web browser crash or errant click!