Thursday, March 29, 2007

Website Refresh 1.5

Both official OCF skins - "Tux" and "Arctic" - have been visually updated, primarily in the headers for improved color matching. Since February, a number of detail features have been implemented, including "Add search engine" autodiscovery from the Firefox 2 search bar based on OpenSearch (supported by Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7).

Another feature in the works is a web-based tool for uploading files to your website space (folder public_html), courtesy of Jonathan Chu. It's feature complete, and we hope to roll it out sometime soon. There are also plans to look into a web-based text editor for editing the source of your text-based files in your webspace, but we'll have news about that as things progress.

As always, if you have any suggestions, criticism, or pick-up lines, feel free to send them our way! Ciao.

Edit: You can try out the website file uploader, naturally at your own risk.