Sunday, March 25, 2007

Disk Array Migration Complete

Ok, so we missed the target I posted here by a few hours (I forgot to account for staffers needing to travel home for the break), but we should be back up. Please note that quotas are once again being enforced; see our email from last week if you forget what this means. You have 30 days to get back under quota; those of you who are over quota should each receive mail about this sometime in the next few days.

There was a mistake in that email, by the way; the primary (soft) mail quota will stay at 10 MB for now, not go up to 25 MB as we announced. We're not necessarily short of disk space if we raise mail quotas (though I'm not sure if anyone's run the numbers), but our system stores mail quite inefficiently at the moment, which means that 25 MB inboxes would be pretty slow to access. Recall that if you need more space for mail, you can save it to another folder (which counts under the much larger home quota). Sorry!

We didn't have a copy of our old (pre-disk-array-failure) quotas handy, so everyone has the default soft quotas set at the moment. We'll see if we can find a copy of the old quotas in our backups, but in the meantime, if you previously obtained a quota increase, you may want to email us to remind us about it. Hard quotas were set such that no one would be over hard quota (though if your hard quota was raised because of this, don't expect it to stay that way forever), so you have 30 days to either clean up or remind us about your quota increase. (There were a few exceptions, for people who clearly were abusing disk usage.)

Again, enjoy your break!