Sunday, September 24, 2006

Random Issues and Printer Information

The Open Computing Facility is experiencing some issues with our web server and some core services at the moment. We're working on figuring out what's broken (for the technically-minded, our NFS server seems to be borked) and getting it working again. I'll post status updates as they come.

Oh, and we've decided to order another maintenance kit for our printer. You might have noticed splotches appearing on printouts in the last few weeks -- our fuser was slowly dying, so we ordered a kit to fix it. Unfortunately, our order apparently got lost by CDW, so we're overnighting another kit. Our printer should be back soon! For now, we're using one of our older printers, so print times might be a bit long...

UPDATE #1: It's past 1 AM, and the OCF is still broken. sluo came in and is working diligently on fixing stuff because I don't know enough about NIS+ and NFS to do anything :/

UPDATE #2: Our super ex-SM was able to bring most services up by 2 AM. I think. Anyways, a bunch of other staffers showed up to provide moral support (by playing Quake 3). Here's some pictures of us staffers working for you -- we're always working for you (with regards to Verizon)...

OCF Tech Support Party at 2 AM

OCF Tech Support Party at 2 AM

Update #3: It's almost 3 AM, and we're still in here. Anybody know of any 24 hour food places that are within walking distance of Sproul or that deliver?