Friday, February 04, 2022

Mirrors upgrade underway, service interruptions expected

We are currently performing upgrades on the OCF mirrors server to accommodate more projects and improve the throughput. During this time, you might experience sporadic downtime and reduced performance. Please retry your downloads in a few seconds if you experience failures when downloading from the OCF mirrors.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We expect the upgrades to be completed by mid-February.

Later this semester, we will migrate the mirrors server to the campus datacenter to ease up the network load at the OCF lab*. The project is currently in the planning stages, so no definite dates are available. However, we will make a separate post on the status blog before we proceed with the migration. It is likely that the server's IP addresses will fall outside of the OCF subnet as a result of the migration.

Planned additions as of 2/6 2230PST (please note, this list is not final and may change without notice):

Fedora - initial sync underway

OpenSUSE initial sync underway

Gentoo - up

Ubuntu Ports (releases) - up

Blender - up

Debian non-free images - initial sync underway


CentOS Stream - initial sync underway

Rocky Linux - initial sync underway

Qubes OS - up

Feel free to email if you have any suggestions :)

*: subject to change