Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Scheduled downtime for Sunday 9/20/20 from 12pm-5pm

The current situation with COVID has caused us to fall behind on a number of software upgrades that are critical to keeping our systems running efficiently and securely, especially on our physical servers. Fortunately we've been able to secure a block of time on from the university in order to perform these upgrades. However, in order to upgrade our physical hypervisors it may be necessary to shut down some production virtual machines. We will try to limit downtime to as little as possible.

The following services (and possibly others) may be intermittently down during this time period (9/20/20 12-5pm):

  • Web hosting
  • App hosting
  • Shell servers 
  • Possibly everything else if we decide to upgrade our production hypervisor

The following services will be down for an extended period of time:

  • HPC
  • staffvms on scurvy (basically all of them)

We suggest you do not schedule large jobs on HPC and have plans in place if your site is expecting a large number of visitors during this time period.