Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Downtime and Lab Closure due to PG&E Public Safety Power Shutdown

Campus has notified us that we are likely to lose power early Wednesday (10/9) as part of the PG&E Public Safety Power Shutdown (PSPS). The lab will be closed and all OCF services will be offline starting Tuesday night until power is restored. Campus has indicated that power may be off for 48 hours or more. We will be posting updates about lab closure and service status on this blog, so check back for updates.

Update 10/8 10:50PM: We will be starting to shut down services at 1AM.

Update 10/9 10:40PM: Since we did not lose power within the 8-10PM timeframe indicated tonight by PG&E, we are turning our most critical servers back on until we hear a definitive time. We're sorry that everything was down today without any actual power outage, but this was due to a conservative policy on our part and misleading and vague communication from PG&E. At this point, webhosting and email hosting should be working. If we lose power or it is clear that we will lose power soon, we will post another update here.

Update 10/10 1:30AM: As campus power outage is supposedly imminent, we are shutting down servers again. We expect everything to be down until power is restored, excepting other surprises. The lab will be closed Thursday Oct. 10.

Update 10/11 2:15PM: Power has been restored and we are beginning to power on the OCF servers. We hope to have all services functional as soon as possible. The lab will remain closed and will reopen tomorrow, Saturday Oct. 12 at the normal time, 9am.

Update 10/11 3:00PM: All services should be available at this point. We are monitoring for any lingering problems. If you're having any trouble, send us an email at help@ocf.berkeley.edu.