Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Taking applications for new work-study position

UPDATE: The application is closed! Thanks to all who applied!

The OCF is looking for someone to fulfill the role of OCF Operations Strategist, a new, hired position developed by OCF staff and the first known paid position in OCF history. The Operations Strategist will work closely with the OCF throughout the Fall 2016/Spring 2017 academic year to help guide the OCF as it undergoes the major transition of becoming a fully self-sustained organization starting next year.

For the last several years, the OCF has relied on the support of paid Publications and Media Center staff to open and close on time, provide security, and carry out day-to-day operational tasks when volunteer staff cannot attend the lab. This arrangement is coming to a close next year, however, and thus the OCF is currently fully committed to acquire funding and develop the strategies we need for the front desk to become 100% staffed by OCF hires when the time comes. This new position provided by the PMC will ensure a smooth transition.

The Operations Strategist will play a crucial part during the entire process, and so will need to be committed to the position for the entire academic year. Moreover, the Operations Strategist is not just a front desk job. While performing desk tasks will be a minor part of the Operations Strategist's role, the great majority of the 12-15 hour work week will be dedicated to projects vital to the OCF's transition. We are seeking someone with creative problem-solving skills who can work autonomously on solutions to problems we will face in hiring and managing our own team to staff the lab.

The link to the application is here: http://bit.ly/2deW0ry. Unfortunately, we are only considering applicants who have work-study funds to last the entire academic year.

Interviews are next week.