Friday, September 30, 2016

Announcing revamped mail hosting for student groups

We're excited to announce the launch of our new mail service for student groups!

The OCF has provided mail virtual hosting for many years, allowing student groups to create email addresses such as "{name}" which forward to their primary email address.

With the new system, we're introducing a few new features:

  • Easily edit addresses only. Previously, editing addresses meant modifying hidden .forward files over SSH. These files are no more!

    Instead, log in to our website and add, edit, and remove addresses from your web browser.

  • Send or reply to mail. The old system only allowed you to receive mail. We now allow replying to that mail from your student group address (or composing new mail from it).

You can find out more about using the new system on our website.

What if my student group already had mail virtual hosting?

We've automatically migrated all of your existing forwarding addresses to the new system; there's nothing you need to do. In the future, you'll use the new web-based interface for modifying addresses instead of the .forward files.

Can I forward to multiple addresses?

Yup, each address can forward to as many other addresses as you'd like!

Can I have a catch-all address at my domain?

Yes, and the web interface will help you set this up.

How do I get mail virtual hosting for my group?

If you already have virtual hosting, then we can easily add mail service. If not, we can help you set up both a website and mail hosting.

For details on our web virtual hosting service, see here.

For details on adding mail virtual hosting, see here.