Sunday, February 17, 2013

File storage system (NFS) restructure

We will be restructuring our file storage system sometime over the next semester. Please be aware that the u1-u8 file structure will be gone. If you have any files that depend on that file structure, they will not work anymore. They can be fixed by changing them to use your home directory (e.g. /home/f/fo/foo instead of /mnt/u3/home/f/fo/foo).

Update 1/25: We will be taking the OCF down at around 10pm (we decided to delay until 1:15am).

Update 1/26: Due to routine maintenance before the restructuring, NFS will be down for at least all of Saturday. Total downtime was between 1:15am and 3:00pm.

Update 1/28: NFS file storage maintenance partially completed. We will be taking the OCF down again sometime in the near-ish future to finish the maintenance.

Update 2/11: We will be taking the OCF down on Saturday, February 16 to finish maintenance of the NFS file storage system.

Update 2/13: Maintenance will start on Saturday after 6pm when the lab is closed. Web hosting, email, and SSH/SFTP will be intermittently inaccessible during maintenance.

Update 2/17: The file storage maintenance has been completed successfully. Downtime occurred during the 11:30pm to 12:00am (30 minutes) maintenance window. Note that hard-coded references to /mnt will no longer work.