Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mail scheduled maintenance

As part of our ongoing consolidation and maintenance of mail infrastructure, OCF mail will be scheduled for maintenance in short period(s) during the beginning of the spring semester.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope for better performance, reliability, and redundancy in the long run.

Mail is currently scheduled for maintenance on Monday, January 17, while /var/mail is migrated to a permanent mail server. Incoming mail will not be accepted during this time, but read-only access will be available as much as possible through the login servers (but not on POP/IMAP and webmail).

As always, you can follow our progress here and on IRC.

UPDATE 05:25p: Maintenance will begin shortly. /var/mail will now be mounted read-only.

UPDATE 06:00p: /var/mail is currently being migrated to a permanent server. It will still be mounted read-only, and accessible through the login servers (but not on POP/IMAP and webmail).

UPDATE Tuesday 01:40p: Mail should now be back up, including the login servers, POP/IMAP, and webmail.