Tuesday, November 09, 2010

ASUC Building Power Outage

Tonight from 2am-6am Esheleman Hall will have a power outage, stay tuned for updates.

Update 8:44: Everything except the OCF webserver/disk array/authentication servers has now been shutdown.

Update 9:00pm Shutting down mysql

Update: 9:15pm Webserver shutdown

Update: 9:20pm Disk array shutdown/authentication servers shut down. The only things that are still up are infrastructure related servers. These allow us to manage machines remotely. The UPS says 2:15 of runtime, the outage is 4hrs, lets hope 4hrs is a conservative estimate?

Update 6:36am Marginally restored our infrastructure, we are running tests to make sure everything that is up is working. Login Servers will be up shortly

Update 7:04am There are a few issues coming back up we are looking to get them resolved ASAP

Update 7:31am We had some disk array issues, they seemed to be resolved for the time being, all the windows machines work, printing works, and we will soon boot up the login servers after we are sure permissions and such are working properly

Update 7:56 Our DNS server is being stubborn, seems to be the root cause of recent issues. Mysql should be back up

Update 8:04am FSCK time, what a fun way to start the moring, fsck'ing broken filesystems

Update 8:12am The webserver should be working again

Update 8:22am DNS is plodding along, expect a delay between 9-10:30 since I have class at this time.

Update 8:41am FSCK on the DNS server, will likely be down for a while, login servers should be up and running, docs and webmail should work too.

Update 8:44am spoke too soon disregard the previous post

Update 10:56am still working on getting dns up.

Update 11:11am DNS should be up now

Update 6:40pm Reaching hour 30 of this adventure, most of our services have been restored. Mail is a work in progress, but your stored email should be fully accessible now. apocalypse.ocf.berkeley.edu doesn't seem to turn on, so we will keep that off for now (while we straighten out everything else).