Monday, November 16, 2009

Emergency Webserver Maintenance

At around 8:30 PM this Monday, OCF staff noticed that the OCF website was slow to respond, and that our webserver either the victim of a DDOS attack or else swap space exhaustion. In any event, we've gone ahead and rebooted it. We will also use this opportunity to apply a few long-overdue patches to the machine.

We expect this downtime to last no longer than an hour. During this outage, most OCF services will be unavailable (the machine hosting our webserver also hosts a number of other critical services).

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank our users for their understanding.

UPDATE: We have since discovered a problem with the server hosting mail services. We are working on this issue now; we anticipate that this will add no more than an additional hour to our original schedule.

UPDATE 2: It looks like everything is back online as of 9:55 PM. Let us know if you discover anything out of the ordinary.

UPDATE 3: It looks like webmail is having some issues. We are investigating this issue, but have no timeframe for fixing it. UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Looks like this was an easier fix than I had thought. Webmail should be working again.