Monday, October 16, 2006

Status Update

A new file system was created on the disk array around 5 AM this morning, and we've been transferring data back to the array over NFS and regular Ethernet (silly endian issues prevent us from connecting the array directly to our backup system using U320 SCSI). At the current rate, we should be finished transferring the files over sometime tomorrow. A staffer might be able to drop by the lab today and figure out a better wiring method to improve transfer speeds and to get data on the array faster.

Also, here's a lesson for all system administrators out there: DO NOT BUY DISK ARRAYS FROM SHADY VENDORS. Since our budget is relatively limited, we've always been pretty conservative with our purchases and primarily relied upon donations to keep us going (thanks to Sun Microsystems for our super fast servers!). Consequently, when we needed to expand the OCF's disk offerings, we were only able to justify the purchase of a 'budget' disk array. That was 2 years ago. Our disk array is currently failing, and the company we bought the disk array from went out of business and was bought by some other company, who only wants to perform service via RMA through a process that might take 15 days.

ARE THEY FREAKING INSANE? So, we're supposed to send them our 3U form-factor disk array with 12 drives via postal mail and be down for 15 more days? Uh, no thanks.

Ok, the end of my status update and rant.