Friday, October 27, 2006

Newegg's Automation Needs Work

On Sunday, we ordered another 500 GB SATA2 drive from Newegg along with a LSI Logic SAS/SATA HBA so we could build a temporary array while we had our current array serviced. The plan was to move all OCF data to this 'new' array temporarily while we sent our currently broken array back to the manufacturer. So, our Newegg package finally arrived today.

Except there was one slight problem: Newegg sent us a PATA drive instead of a SATA drive. So, now we have three SATA drives and one PATA drive. You put the four things together, and you don't have a SATA array.

Newegg is closed for the weekend, so we're trying to see if we can acquire a SATA drive over the weekend and get to building our temporary disk array.

This past month has got to be an example of Murphy's Law in action.